SERVO A73CHLW 32KG High Torque Digital Waterproof Servo with Magnetic Sensor

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 A73CHLW 32KG High Torque Digital Waterproof Servo with Magnetic Sensor

A73CHLW specially makes this outstanding waterproof servo for entry starters with surprising price.This full metal A73CHLW servo applies the contactless magnetic angle sensor technique,reaches to 32KG high torque, can perform extremely well under water. So this is ideal for 1/8 and 1/10 RC crawlers , monster trucks, buggies and other vehicles that require high torque and high level waterproof. You will love this servo with ultra light 73g enthusiastic red body!


SERVO A73CHLW Control System Pulse width modulation control

SERVO A73CHLW Refresh Rate 333Hz

SERVO A73CHLW Neutral Position 1520uS

SERVO A73CHLW Signal Mode Digital

SERVO A73CHLW Dead band 2 uSec

SERVO A73CHLW Operating Voltage 4.8V ~ 8.4V

SERVO A73CHLW Operating Temperature -15C°~ +70C°

SERVO A73CHLW Bearing Double Ball Bearings

SERVO A73CHLW Mechanical Angle No Limit

SERVO A73CHLW Size 40*20*37.5mm (1.57x 0.78 x1.47 in)

SERVO A73CHLW Net Weight 73g

SERVO A73CHLW Operating Travel 180°±10°

SERVO A73CHLW Signal Range 500 to 2500 uSec

SERVO A73CHLW Stall Torque

22 kg-cm (305.8oz-in) @ 4.8V

26 kg-cm (361.07oz-in) @ 6.0V

29 kg-cm (402.73 oz-in) @ 7.4V

32 kg-cm (444.40 oz-in) @ 8.4V

SERVO A73CHLW Unload Current

280mA @ 4.8V

350mA @ 6.0V

400mA @ 7.4V

450mA @ 8.4V

SERVO A73CHLW Operating Speed

0.180sec/ 60° @ 4.8V

0.160sec/60° @ 6.0V

0.145sec/60° @ 7.4V

0.135sec/60° @ 8.4V

SERVO A73CHLW Loading Current

3000mA @ 4.8V

3300mA @ 6.0V

4000mA @ 7.4V

4400mA @ 8.4V

SERVO A73CHLW Direction CCW                  

SERVO A73CHLW Waterproof  Level IP67

SERVO A73CHLW Angle Sensor Potentiometer           

SERVO A73CHLW Motor Type Coreless      

SERVO A73CHLW Motor Drive FET Drive             

SERVO A73CHLW Programmable Yes                  

SERVO A73CHLW Gear Material Strength Steel,Titanium           

SERVO A73CHLW Horn Gear Spline 25T-φ5.92mm        

SERVO A73CHLW Case Material AL6061T6           

SERVO A73CHLW Bearing Material Metal              

SERVO A73CHLW Horn Accessories Plastic 


JR 300mm / 22AWG

Negative:   Black       

Positive:    Black      

Signal:    Grey       

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Wonderful for scale trophy and rock crawlers
Amazing performance, totally waterproof ! I will definitely buy next time !