Special Offer

Sometimes we will pick up some products for the special price for AGFRC Fans. Maybe it is old version, but all the performance is good enough to use.

If you are looking for the budget servos, don't miss it and keep eyes on our website.

Note (Please read below tips carefully before order.)

1) Please kindly note that the special offer servos comes with a little flaw such as bad lasered, appearance defects, old version etc., but all the servos in the Special Offer list can work properly, 100% test before leaving our factory. If you care about the bad lasered, appearance defects, or old version etc., please do not order it.​​

2) As the servos in the Special Offer list is very low cost, so all the servos in this list will not accept refund. (Of course, we will ensure the servo is 100% work when you received)

​​3) The servos in the Special Offer list are not available to be programmable. If you would like to have the programmable one, please choose the servo in other list.​​

4) Refund or After Sales Service is not acceptable for the servos in the Special Offer list.