Helicopter Servo

AGFRC brushless helicopter servos with special firmware designed for RC helicopter usage, precision, speed, torque, and super crisp feeling will make your flight experience to a whole new level. from micro size to full size option, A20BHM, A20CLS, A80BHM-H Cyclic, A80BHN-H Tail, A80BHX-H Cyclic, A80BHP-H Tail, A73BHLH Cyclic, A73BHNH Tail, A35BHL-H Cyclic, A35BHM-H Tail etc.

*Smoothness and Reliability Are Optimized Through The Use of the precision ball bearings.

*All Aluminum Case Provides Strength and Cooler Operating Temperatures

*High Strength Steel gear train provide durability against heavy use.

*8.4V HV Digital Programmable Servo