556 oz-in High Torque Waterproof Programmable Digital Servo (A73BHLW)


AGFRC 40KG High Torque IP67 Waterproof Programmable Digital Brushless Servo with Magnetic Sensor for 1/10 Scale RC Car Boat, Control Angel 180°(A73BHLW) 

  • AGFrc high performance digital standard servo can be common use in RC climbing cars, 1:10 RC crawlers, monster trucks, buggies, robots, mechanical arms, RC boats and other vehicles that require high torque and high level waterproof. You will love this servo with ultra light 73g enthusiastic red body!
  • Good idear for the remote control toy enthusiasts who want to DIY their RC models, also good choice for university professors and students who are interested in developing software for robot parts. It’s also a good choice for some of the industrial device applications.


    • Programmable by the AGF-SPv2 servo programmer (Not Include) to change the torque, speed, angle, etc. 
  • Full CNC aluminum shell, it adopts high precision stainless steel gear and the contactless magnetic angle sensor technique.
  • Fast heat dissipation, strong compatibility and sensitive response.
  • High quality & hgih efficiency & longer lifetime brushless motor
  • IP67 waterproof design and waterproof rubber seals screws.

Stall Torque

      • 25 kg-cm (347 oz-in) @ 4.8V
      • 29 kg-cm (403 oz-in) @ 6.0V
      • 35 kg-cm (486 oz-in) @ 7.4V
      • 40 kg-cm (556 oz-in) @ 8.4V

Operating Speed

      • 0.145sec/ 60° @ 4.8V
      • 0.123sec/60° @ 6.0V
      • 0.110sec/60° @ 7.4V
      • 0.100sec/60° @ 8.4V

  • Package Included

    Item 1:

    • 1 x AGFRC A73BHLW Programmable Servo
    • 1 x Accessory Set

    • Item 2:
    • 1 x AGFRC A73BHLW Programmable Servo
    • 1 x AGF-SPV2 Servo Programmer
    • 1 x Accessory Set

    • Item 3:
    • 1 x AGFRC A73BHLW Programmable Servo
    • 1 x AGF-SPV2 Servo Programmer
    • 1 x 25T Black Metal Servo Horn
    • 1 x Accessory Set

    • Note: Item 1 does not include the AGF-SPV2 servo programmer.

Iterm Name:
Signal Mode:
Control System:
Pulse Width Modulation
Refresh Rate:
Neutral Position:
Dead band:
2 uSec
Operating Voltage:
4.8V ~ 8.4V
Operating Temperature:
-15C°~ +70C°
Operating Travel:
Signal Range:
500 to 2500 uSec
Angle Sensor:
Magnet Angle Sensor
Mechanical Angle:
No limit
Motor Type:
Brushless Motor
Motor Drive:
FET Drive
Horn Gear Spline:
Waterproof Level:
Double Ball Bearings
Bearing Material :
Gear Material:
Strength Steel
Case Material:
Aluminium AL6061T6
Wire Guage:
JR 300mm / 22AWG
Net Weight:
Product Size:
40*20*37.5mm (1.57x 0.78 x1.47 in)
Recent Reviews ( 14 )
I like it, great quality and good service
Works great in the rocks on TRX4 Sport with hobbywing 1080 esc.
Put in my arrma kraton v4. Works way better than stock
Excellent servo for the price and well worth it. Very quick delivery. Pleased!!
It's faster and stronger than the stock arrma servo. Waterproof. Has already lasted longer than arrma and traxxas oem parts.
Strong and fast. Works great on my Outcast which gets bashed hard including in flooded grass fields. Still chooching
Works great on my Wraith used for bashing. Get it wet all the time, bury it in snow and just keeps on going.
Super quick and powerful. Works amazing. Very fast even in 6v power. Waiting for my bec to servo bypass harness to get the full power of this beast.
This servo fits my Traxxas T-Maxx. I'm using it as the steering servo. I've put about 6 tanks of runtime on this servo and have had no problems. It is fast, strong and surprisingly durrable for the price. I would purchase again.
Awesome value, great product, works great in my trx-4
Awesome servo! This servo plugged right into my son's Traxxas Slash 2wd. After shredding the plastic stock servo within the first 30 min of owning the vehicle, this one seems to work great. He runs the vehicle very hard and it is holding up to the task! I would highly recommend this.
This servo is an incredible value. Replaced a failed steering servo on a Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco with this unit and can't believe the difference. Very strong, excellent range of motion, and includes a metal horn. Also, the lead is as long as the Traxxas unit, so no extension needed.
Strong as you would ever want one a rock crawler and looks pritty on my extreme SCX10 build.
This servo is Great, on 7.4 v this servo pulls 486oz and on 8.4 556oz , I use it on a 1/8 scale and it nice and quite...