GY01 CNC Automatic Stability Control Easy Gain Adjustable Gyro for RC Drift Car

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GYRO GY01 CNC Automatic Stability Control Easy Gain Adjustable Rated Gyro for RC Drift Car

     AGF RC car Gyro, a new technology which helps drivers keep their car in a straight line. Be it buggies to drift cars, every car will be able to make use of this gyro to keep their car under control. CNC anodized outer shell gives extra protection for the circuit board. The gyro gain is adjustable from both the gyro and from your transmitter if you have more than 2 channels on both your receiver and transmitter.

Operating Voltage: 3.7V-8.4V
Operating Current:20mA/6V
Operating Temperature: -10℃+50℃
Output Servo Signal: 1520us(50Hz/333Hz)
Output Connector: JST 1.5mm
Size: 25.5*24.5*10mm(1*0.96*0.01inches)
Weight: 6g(0.21ounces)
Connector Wire: JR 100mm(3.94inches)


The gyro is specially for drift car

Adds incredible stability which makes your car easier to drive faster

Gain (strength) is adjustable and there is a port for remotely adjusting gain while driving

Precisely maintains vehicle direction regardless of track conditions or outside forces

Gyro stability control for your RC car. It senses drift and helps maintain car on course.

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