12volt servo SA75CVSW 45KG High Torque Metal Gear Programmable Coreless Standard Digital Servo

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12volt servo

12volt servo SA75CVSW 180 Degree 45KG High Speed High Torque Metal Gear Programmable Coreless Heightened Standard Digital Servo

12volt servo SA75CVSW Feature:

3S Lipo

Dual ball bearings 

Extra strong patent steel gears and upgrade structure

High quality coreless motor for higher speed 

High accuracy magnetic position sensor, allow to be used in humid or rainy situation

12volt servo SA75CVSW specification:

Stall Torque

39.0 kg-cm (542 oz-in) @ 11.1V

42.0 kg-cm (583 oz-in) @ 12.0V

45.0kg-cm (625 oz-in) @ 12.6V

Unload Current

480*mA @ 11.1V

550mA @ 12.0V

580mA @ 12.6V

Operating Speed

0.105sec/ 60° @ 11.1V

0.093sec/60° @ 12.0V

0.090sec/60° @ 12.6V

Loading Current

4000mA @ 11.1V

4500mA @ 12.0V

4800mA @ 12.6V

Mechanical Angle: No Limit

Operating Travel: 180°±10°

Signal Range: 500 to 2500 uSec

Wire: TYU + JST 300mm / 22AWG

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