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A Brief Overview of Mini Servos

  • Wednesday, 08 September 2021
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A Brief Overview of Mini Servos

Mini Servo Motors is a very popular alternative to the fully automatic high voltage motors. The main benefits of the mini servos are that they can be assembled and installed at a later time, which gives you much more flexibility. You also do not need the expensive and space-consuming ball bearing housing. However, when considering what size servos you will require it is a good idea to know that the higher the RPM's the larger the ball bearing housing will need to be.

Typically the highest RPM versions of these servos can be used in applications where you expect very fast movement or where the operating temperature will be very high. Higher RPM versions of these servos tend to have a greater angular momentum and hence more power. For this reason, mini servos are most often used for RC model trucks or aeroplanes where high speeds are expected. They can also be used on electric cars due to their small size and battery powered nature. The downside to using mini servos is that they can become very noisy if run at high speeds; particularly if running the motor at full throttle for long periods of time.

The majority of servos will come equipped with an adjustable angle topology. This adjustment can be done through the use of a suitable transmitter which will then allow the user to vary the angle of the output shaft from approximately ninety degrees to about twenty degrees. There are two types of adjustment - ball bearing and linear. The ball bearing adjustment is more flexible because it allows the motor to be set up so that the full rotation of the output shaft occurs at the closest point to the center of rotation.

The linear adjustment is more precise but it is significantly harder to control. Due to the way these type of servos operate, they must operate at high speeds. Because of this, linear adjustment servos are better suited for use on high performance equipment such as helicopters and jet airplanes where full rotations of the output shaft can be expected. To compensate for the high speed of these operations, the servos employ high precision components like ceramic or glass bearings which have high excitability and are able to withstand high speeds.

Some additional benefits of mini servos are that they can be used in applications where there is low or no lift required because they are not constrained by a large amount of moving parts like the ball bearing type of servos. Further, mini servos are quite easy to program since they come with preloaded programs and controls. This also enables users to incorporate a wide variety of different functions into their mini servos. These features make mini servo horns suitable for a number of different applications where flexibility, high speed, and reliability are a priority.

Miniature electric motors and mini Servos provide a great solution for short term applications and situations where a more powerful device is needed. At the same time, mini servos are generally inexpensive. They are available both as desktop-based systems or as system-on-board (SOB) alternatives that plug directly into a high speed power supply.

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