40KG High Torque Programmable Steering IP67 Waterproof Servo (A80BHMW)

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A80BHMW Crawling Servo IP67 Waterproof 40KG High Torque Steering Servo for 1:10 Scale Monster Truck, Buggy,Crawler

A80BHWW is really an outstanding waterproof brushless servo with super high torque up to 40KG. The case is made of full CNC aluminium, and it adopts AGFrc patented strengthen stainless steel gear, contactless magnetic angle sensor for a longer using life. The popular mysterious black color is the best match for all 1:8 / 1:10 buggy, monster trucks, crawlers. Its also a good choice for some of the industrial device applications.


SERVO A80BHMW Control System Pulse width modulation control

SERVO A80BHMW Refresh Rate 333Hz

SERVO A80BHMW Neutral Position 1520uS

SERVO A80BHMW Signal Mode Digital

SERVO A80BHMW Dead band 2 uSec

SERVO A80BHMW Operating Voltage 4.8V ~ 8.4V

SERVO A80BHMW Operating Temperature -15C°~ +70C°

SERVO A80BHMW Bearing Double Bearings

SERVO A80BHMW Mechanical Angle No Limit

SERVO A80BHMW Size 40*20*37.2mm

SERVO A80BHMW Net Weight 79g

SERVO A80BHMW Operating Travel 180°±10°

SERVO A80BHMW Signal Range 500 to 2500 uSec

SERVO A80BHMW Stall Torque

27 kg-cm (375 oz-in) @ 4.8V

31 kg-cm (430 oz-in) @ 6.0V

36 kg-cm (500 oz-in) @ 7.4V

40 kg-cm (556 oz-in) @ 8.4V

SERVO A80BHMW Unload Current

280mA @ 4.8V

320mA @ 6.0V

360mA @ 7.4V

400mA @ 8.4V

SERVO A80BHMW Operating Speed

0.140sec/ 60° @ 4.8V

0.120sec/60° @ 6.0V

0.100sec/60° @ 7.4V

0.085sec/60° @ 8.4V

SERVO A80BHMW Loading Current

3600mA @ 4.8V

4000mA @ 6.0V

4300mA @ 7.4V

4600mA @ 8.4V

SERVO A80BHMW Direction CCW                  

SERVO A80BHMW Waterproof  Level --

SERVO A80BHMW Angle Sensor Magnet Angle Sensor

SERVO A80BHMW Motor Type Brushless             

SERVO A80BHMW Motor Drive FET Drive              

SERVO A80BHMW Programmable Yes                 

SERVO A80BHMW Gear Material Strength Steel           

SERVO A80BHMW Horn Gear Spline 25T-φ5.92mm           

SERVO A80BHMW Case Material AL6061T6             

SERVO A80BHMW Bearing Material Metal                  

Horn Accessories Plastic 


TYU 300mm / 22AWG

Negative:   Black        

Positive:    Black        

Signal:    Grey          

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