4CH SBUS Dual Antenna Receiver Module Compatible Futaba S_FHSS / TM-FH RF (RFS04C)

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Receiver RFS04C  4CH SBUS  Dual Antenna Receiver Module Compatible : Futaba S_FHSS / TM-FH RF 


Compatible : Futaba S_FHSS / TM-FH RF Module

Suitable for Futaba 4PX, 7PX, 4PV, 3PV etc. S_FHSS system



Operating Voltage: 3.3V8.4V

Dimension: 35.5x23.3x13.2mm

Weight: 7.3g

No. Of Channels: 4CH+ SBUS

Antenna: Dual Antenna



1) Dual-antenna receiving system, built-in and external antenna to keep it concise and improve high receiving sensitivity;

2) Integrated voltage stabilizing circuit, operating voltage can be 1s-2s lipo, it wont be out of control for instantaneous voltage reduction;

3) Full 4CH output + SBUS port, suitable for the remote control cars, Rock Crawlers which required more channels


Bind Procedure

1. Bring the transmitter and the receiver close to each other within 20 inches (half meter).

2. Turn on the transmitter.

3. Turn on the receiver

4. Press and hold the Link switch more than two(2) seconds. When the link is complete, the LED in the receiver changes to solid green.                                                 

It could be failed to bind as the environment, please repeat the above steps.


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