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High Torque Servo Motors

  • Monday, 05 July 2021
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High Torque Servo Motors

The High Torque Servo is one of the most sought after components for many RC enthusiasts. A servo is an easy to use, lightweight tool that allows for precise and smooth motion control. In addition to its compact size, high torque makes it possible to use the tool without having a motor, eliminating the need for additional weight and complexity. This particular servo uses high-speed and high torque motors which provide for extremely smooth and precise movements in a wide range of applications. These specific motors are made up of a high torque wire wound with thinner wire.

This is a great example of an open frame high torque servo motor. There are five wires on the shaft, and they are all connected to a ground wire. In order to start the device off, a series of twelve amp-sized and batteries are placed into the vehicle's battery tray. The overall system is then triggered by a one-way radio transmitter and amplified through a 12 V DC input.

The High Torque Servo is used in a wide variety of hobby and industrial applications. The ability to make precise, smooth and powerful movements is possible because of its compact size. Because of its compact size, it is very easy to transport to a new location as well as to keep it in good working order once it is already in place. Many RC enthusiasts prefer to use a high torque servo for their hobby or outdoor activities because of the extreme maneuverability it provides. They enjoy the freedom of being able to control their RC vehicles in different situations, making them more fun to pilot.

One of the most popular applications of these servos is a radio control airplane. Since the high torque motors can only be found in smaller sizes, the radio control airplanes need to be much smaller than the high torque servos themselves to make them suitable. RC enthusiasts who are just starting out with their hobby will typically start with a smaller radio control plane and then upgrade when they have mastered the art of radio control flight. Many beginners who own radio controlled airplanes eventually upgrade to bigger and bulkier high torque electric servos.

Another popular application of these servos is the remote control helicopter. Electric high torque servos provide great stability and agility for the helicopter's flight while enabling the user to focus more on other important areas of the flight. Remote control helicopters are perfect for indoor environments where there may be issues with shock and vibration from natural movement. The high torque motors enable the helicopters to glide smoothly over even wet or wobbly surfaces. Many RC enthusiasts prefer to purchase a complete remote control helicopter kit so that they have all the parts needed to build their own RC helicopters.

The use of high torque servo motors can also be applied to other mechanical devices. CNC machines, for example, can be made to operate using high torque servo motors to give the device greater precision and accuracy in intricate projects. Many RC enthusiasts upgrade CNC machines to use high torque servos. Plastic injection molding is another application commonly used with high torque servos. Plastic is usually injected into hollow plastic shafts to create the hot end cavities and then the cavities are filled with polyurethane to create a smooth finished product.

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