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A Beginner's Guide to RC Drift Servos

  • Wednesday, 08 September 2021
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A Beginner's Guide to RC Drift Servos

The RC Drift servos are the most recent to enter the high speed radio control hobby.rc drift servo They are a relatively new concept, but have already become extremely popular amongst drift racing enthusiasts. The concept is very similar to that of an RC car or helicopter, in that the servos act as controls for the main transmitter, whilst also transmitting signals, via a thin wire, to the receiver. This allows you to use a standard transmitter to control both the fun machine, and the radio control.

The great thing about these servos, is that they can be used in a wide range of radio control hobbies.rc drift servo rc drift servo They are especially popular with RC boats and helicopters, as they allow you to easily swap channels, and steer the boat either side of your vehicle. This gives the owner or operator much more freedom than they would have with a regular radio controlled radio control. If you own an RC boat, then you will probably want to give RC drift a try - there's nothing more frustrating than watching a choppy water craft sail across the skies, with no hope of landing it back on land!

The first thing to understand when you're looking to buy or install a Servo in your RC Drift car or chopper is what it is for.rc drift servo The primary purpose of a Servo, is that it acts as a traction device. How this works, is that the servos send a radio signal, which the receiver can pick up and respond to. The whole idea behind drifting is that you use a front wheel drive vehicle, (RV), with very little control of the vehicle itself. Naturally, you want to make as much control as possible over the course of the race - and a Servo acts as a way of maximizing your ability to do so.

Now, normally when you use a servo, it's to increase the traction of your vehicle - so to speak. This means that if you're drifting, you need to have a vehicle that's faster, and able to maintain high speeds for longer periods of time. This is where a Servo becomes an excellent addition to a drift control hobby.

Essentially what happens is that your vehicle will go sliding, and at times, lose control. The servo acts as a sort of brake, and whatever is underneath the vehicle, will be dragged along with the vehicle, to get it back onto the track. This means that in order to recover control, you must either slow the vehicle down or let go of the grip of the servos - which is why they are often used in racing situations, because they are able to quickly and easily recover control. Essentially, by allowing the servos to grab the traction of your tires, you allow your vehicle to gain more traction, which then allows you to gain more speed, all at the cost of one little servo.

As you can see, a Servo can play a big role in a drift racing experience. There are many different types of Servos available, which can all be purchased online. If you're just starting out with a radio control hobby or simply looking to expand what you've already started - then it's a good idea to start out with a servo. You can then expand from there, and if you decide to take on more advanced moves in the future, then you'll definitely need more servos for sure! Remember, the more expensive the servos, the higher quality they will be.

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