AGFRC A75BUMW Steel Gears 17V 4S 62KG 0.092Sec Programmable IP67 Waterproof Brushless RC Servo For 1/10 1/8 Scale Crawler Buggy Truck RC Car


AGFRC A75BUMW Steel Gears 17V 4S 62KG 0.092Sec Programmable IP67 Waterproof BLS RC Servo for 1/10 Scale Crawler Buggy Truck

Agfrc has launched a new A75BUMW (4S) servo, which can work under the voltage of 7.4v ~ 17V, and the price is very good. Agfrc A75BUMW servo super torque waterproof steel gear digital servo supports the use in high-pressure and humid environments. The waterproof grade is IP67, perfect for scale crawlers, 1/8 and 1/10 monster truck, 1/10 2WD and 4WD buggies, as well as 1/10 scale buggies and trucks In addition, this A80BHMW V2 is great choice for boats and other application which require high power, high voltage and waterproof servo.


Full CNC Aluminium Shell ​Brushless Motor ​Strength 2 Ball Bearings ​High Precision Steel Gears ​Fully Waterproof Up To IP67 Grade ​Built-in Magnetic Sensor ​Can use 4S battery 17V high voltage operation ​High Reliability Standard Digital Servo ​Ideal For 1/8 1/10 On-Road, Off0Road, Truck, Plane, Robot and Engine etc.


A75BUMW ​Operating Voltage: 7.4-17.0 V ​Operating speed: 0.125sec/60° @ 12.0V ​Operating speed: 0.105sec/60° @ 14.4V ​Operating speed: 0.098sec/60° @ 16.0V  ​Operating speed: 0.092sec/60° @ 16.8V  ​Stall Torque: 48 kg-cm (667 oz-in) @ 12.0V ​Stall Torque: 54 kg-cm (750 oz-in) @ 14.4V ​Stall Torque: 60 kg-cm (834 oz-in) @ 16.0V ​Stall Torque: 62 kg-cm (861 oz-in) @ 16.8V  ​Gear: Steel ​Motor: BLS ​Size: 40*20*41.5mm (1.57 x 0.78 x 1.60 in) ​Weight: 88.5g  ​Connector Wire: TYU + JST 300mm / 22AWG


Huizhou AGF-RC Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd. is established in 2009, which is a high-tech enterprise owning more than 1200 square meters dust-free electronic manufacturing workshop, professional electronic R&D lab, SMT lines and high-precision CNC machines. Our technical team comes from Taiwan GWS and Guangdong Audi Toy, both are famous branded enterprises in RC industry. We have strong R&D ability and confidence to provide professional OEM/ODM RC solution for all clients. ​ ​Since 2009, AGFRC has been focus on all series of RC servos, speed controllers(ESC), receiver modules and car gyros, supplying high quality RC products and RC solutions for many domestic and abroad famous brands. We are attracting more talents to join us for diversified development in RC control area, including high-frequency circuit, structure and software design, aim to achieve industrial-leading level in the field of model control or even other applications. ​ ​ AGFRC is our new brand and all the products are certified with CE, ROHS, FCC. Hereby we welcome domestic and abroad dealers and distributors to be our agent, promote AGFRC all over the world. AGFRC expects to establish long term win-win cooperation with you! We promise AGFRC will serve all clients with higher standard, better quality and superior service.

Iterm Name:
Control System:
Pulse Width Modulation Control (PWM)
Refresh Rate:
Neutral Position:
Signal Mode:
Dead Band:
2 uSec
Operating Voltage:
7.4V ~ 17.0V
Operating Travel:
Signal Range:
500 to 2500 uSec
Angle Sensor:
Magnet Angle Sensor
Operating Temperature:
-15C°~ +70C°
Mechanical Angle:
No Limit
Waterproof Level:
Motor Type:
Motor Drive:
FET Drive
Horn Gear Spline:
Double Ball Bearings
Bearing Material:
Gear Material:
Strength Steel
Case Material:
Aluminium AL6061T6
Product Size:
Wire Guage:
TYU + JST 300mm / 22AWG
Net Weight:
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